Sunny Summer Finale

Today was the last day of summer; autumn officially arrives tomorrow. That said, it was 24ºC this afternoon so it definitely felt like summer.

Joel and I decided to take Harley on an adventure to the Fundy Trail. We set off early this morning so we could enjoy it all before the crowds arrived.

As we passed by the dock in St. Martins the tide was going out, beaching the boats tied to the wharf.

The parkway goes up hill and down dale and around every corner there’s another breathtaking vista to stop and marvel at!

Goldenrod waves in the wind as barely a few trees have begun their transformation to the brilliant reds, golds and oranges that herald the true end of summer and beginning of autumn.

There are beaches everywhere along the rocky coast. Some are only accessible on foot via (sometimes tricky) paths. Others, like Long Beach, are accessible to everyone.

The aptly named “Long Beach”

The coast on the Bay of Fundy is rife with both small and large coves and hidden caves – a paradise for pirates of old, perhaps?

Driftwood on the beach and shattered tree trunks sculpted by Hurricane Dorian when it passed through.

It was a wonderful way to spend the last day of summer, a sunny Sunday morning, roaming the Fundy Trail, feeling the sea air on our faces, and being grateful that we live in such an amazingly beautiful part of the world. This is a photographer’s paradise. This is my backyard!

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