The Last Saturday of Summer

What a glorious day it was – sunshine, warmth and lots of things going on in and around my home town.

The fall foliage is JUST beginning to emerge and a few trees are sporting their red, orange or yellow leaves, although the peak of the season won’t be for another week or two.

At the Princess Louise Park recreation area there were multiple things going on. In the PLP Show Centre arena there was a show of beef cattle of various breeds.

Drying out in the early morning sun after a bath, clip and show groom.

Next door at the New Brunswick Agricultural Museum there were demonstrations of farming techniques, including those using horse power on a treadmill to operate machinery. A young blacksmith was plying his trade creating implements that would be used on a farm. A lovely lunch was available for a small price to support the works of the museum and all of the exhibits were open for viewing at no cost. For more entertainment there were rides in a horse drawn wagon (Storey’s) and music – always music.

Back at the Show Centre the NB/PEI Barrel Horse Association held their Poles and Barrels competition in the outdoor show ring. Photographing the competitors in the bright sunshine provided lots of opportunities to capture the concentration on the riders’ faces as they steered their mounts through the obstacles to beat the clock!

It really was a wonderful last Saturday of summer here in Sussex, NB.

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