Fall Foliage on the Washademoak Lake, NB

One of my best friends and her husband own a home on the Washademoak Lake. It’s lovely there any time of year, but right now, in early October, the views and foliage are spectacular!

The driveways are strewn with a colourful carpet of leaves

The view from the deck at Havencrest is gorgeous. Colour no matter which way you look.

Although the temperature was a bit cool, there was no wind and the lake was smooth as glass – so we headed out on their pontoon boat for a “foliage tour”.

And it was worth it!

Once we boarded their pontoon boat I took a look back up the hill to their home framed by beautiful trees.

Captain Mikey at the helm.

The water was still enough to allow me to take shots of the magnificent colours on the far shore of the lake while on the boat.

Havencrest among the trees

Life on the #WashademoakLake today was wonderful – relaxing, refreshing and a wonderful reminder that we do, indeed, live in a beautiful part of the world!

2 thoughts on “Fall Foliage on the Washademoak Lake, NB

  1. Marilyn Sharples October 7, 2019 — 1:37 am

    Beautiful!! Bob at a glance asked
    me if I was looking at a Gaugin.
    No, I replied. Ceci.


  2. Such a wonderful and interesting article! I’ve always wanted to go to the Washademoak Lake, but this pandemic destroyed my plans. I have been saving money for that trip but have bought a Crest boat instead. I am really happy with that purchase, but a little part of my heart still wants to visit this place. Maybe it’s a sign to finally do that when this pandemic is over. Thank you for an inspiration.


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