The Roaring 20s are around the corner!

Yes, the current year and, indeed, the decade are coming to an end. I’m not old enough (thank goodness) to remember the original “Roaring 20s” but I’ve read enough F. Scott Fitzgerald and enjoyed TV series like Frankie Drake (on CBC for those who aren’t familiar) to get a huge kick out of the period – the parties and, more importantly, the fashions. The dresses, flowing tops and hairstyles always struck me as symbolizing so much fun; a post-war (WWI) celebration of life, liberty and joy.

Naturally, a year-end is always a time for reflection as well. Today is my granddaughter’s 11th birthday! What a difference that decade+ has made. It’s difficult to believe that so much has changed in so little time!

The downside of living at opposite ends of a huge country like Canada is that it is both difficult and expensive to visit very often. But it does make those visits very important. With today’s technology (FaceTime, Skype etc.) it SHOULD be easier to keep in touch but, in reality, life gets in the way at both ends and even that doesn’t happen often.

So, as a new year and new decade roll into sight I wish that all of my friends take this respite between holidays to relax, reflect, read and enjoy every moment of life.

And then, I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1 thought on “The Roaring 20s are around the corner!

  1. Yeah. love the 20th also.. wish I could have lived there for a while… maybe I did… maybe we are always drawn to things we kind of remember.. who knows… lets bring on the new year!!!


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