’tis the winter of my discontent – sorry Shakespeare

Climate change is turning our world upside down. Political strife in the USA, Britain, Brazil and the rest of the world, including our own Canada, is totally depressing. It’s winter and the days are short, cold and, unless you’re a skier or other outdoor enthusiast, frustrating. Mobility is limited by icy roads and snow-filled fields.

Phew! Got THAT off my chest.

On the other hand, trees encapsulated with ice shimmer in the morning sun.

Yesterday’s full moon was amazing as it set just before dawn (NO, don’t ask why I was up at that hour – it’s normal in my house).

When the sun came up it turned into an amazing day. I shut down my computers, hopped in the car and headed off to spend some time with friends who share my interest in photography. It was still early enough that my drive along the highway to Moncton was like moving through a crystal tunnel. Trees on both sides of the road were encased and, with little traffic, I was able to slow down and enjoy the view.

My favourite ginourmous tree standing sentinel in a field in Penobsquis, NB.

Luckily my friends are morning people too so my arrival on their doorstep at 9 o’clock in the morning wasn’t an issue. I was introduced to a whole new genre of photography – miniatures. It takes a lot of creativity to create the scenes and I have a LOT to learn about how to shoot those scenes properly. I used a very shallow depth of field and that might not have been the best choice. BUT, it was so much fun playing.

It was a lot of fun just playing around and I’m grateful for the introduction to a new genre.

The main purpose of the photo session was to play with portrait lighting and do some headshot type images. I played model – something I’m neither good at nor confident about. As a photographer, like most of my friends and colleagues, I’m far more comfortable behind the camera. But, it was a lot of fun and it’s much easier to relax when the person behind the camera is a friend who understands the tension. Thanks for a great day Jacinthe and Lisa! And the images turned out surprisingly well!

It helped to have Missy on hand to provide commentary and entertainment.


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