4 weeks later

After almost two weeks in hospital being treated for sepsis, it was a great relief to be sent home 10 days ago. Recovering from sepsis takes time – a lot of it – but I am now with my husband, hugging my dog, sleeping in my own cozy bed and, joy of joys, eating REAL food. I’m sure the last item is a huge contributor to my recovery.

Playing with a macro lens – any idea what it is?

The first week I simply lazed around the house, took naps (snuggling with Harley), ate and slept some more. But, by week two I could feel my energy slowly returning although, even now, my stamina is nothing to get excited about. But at least I began to feel like doing a few things.

I played with my camera a bit which was wonderful fun and definitely lifted my spirits. And I even actually enjoyed doing a bit of housework. I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry and a bit of baking – and treats are always a good thing, right?

Apparently I need to clean the utensils! They stand in a pitcher on the counter and I haven’t used this one in quite some time.

Yesterday was a magnificent spring day. When I first looked outside the world was shrouded in ground fog and the trees were encased in a wee bit of hoar frost.

The field across the road was obliterated by the fog!

But it wasn’t long before the rising sun burned the fog away and the sky turned blue again.

If you look closely, you’ll see buds on those trees. Spring is beginning to arrive! I sat down on the steps of the deck, armed with a macro lens on my camera, and found lots of things to capture.

Snow rapidly melting off the railing.
Ice crystals clinging for a few more moments before the sun sent them on their way
And away they went…
See ya…
Even on the lawn bits of green are peeking through.

I have a tree and wood fetish. I love the look of bark on standing trees and also knots and grain in sawed boards. Wood in the forest has a particular smell; cut wood another. Trees touch our senses from the roughness of bark to the velvety smoothness of cut and sanded wood, the smell, the sight of their majesty standing tall against the sky. They clean our air and feed our souls.

Since I can’t visit the forests yet, I have to content myself with admiring the gifts trees have given us – a sturdy deck from which to revel in the warmth and strength of the spring sunshine!

2 thoughts on “4 weeks later

  1. Awesome pictures… glad you are getting back to health..


    1. Thank you. I’m getting there. It’s just slow.


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