The world has gone bananas!

It’s easy to assume that the world’s inhabitants have gone totally bananas. Every day on both the traditional and social media we see stories about strife – be it wars, rising or falling gas prices, refugees, environmental disasters or diseases – and how various people are responding. Now we are all facing a global pandemic and the responses have ranged from the reasonable to the ridiculous.

Many of us, like this poor banana, feel bruised by the daily onslaught of bad news, negative comments, blatant selfishness and complete foolishness. It can be difficult to process it all and not allow ourselves to fight back, join in the negativity, and bemoan our fate.

Others have found a different way, a different perspective that allows us to see the good in others and make the best of our own situations. In our small town many individuals and local businesses have stepped up to provide help, food or even just encouragement to others who need it – and that warms my heart.

Although we are mandated to stay at home (except for essential travel for food, medications,local exercise), rather than seeing it as imprisonment, I choose to see it as an opportunity to find personal peace, to read, relax, spend time with my husband, walk my dog (on a quiet country road where there are just the two of us), watch TV, think and, whenever possible, to be creative.

Like this poor banana, we’ve all be ‘ripped’ from our bunch – but it’s possible to stay in touch nonetheless. We can connect electronically through email, Messenger, FaceBook etc. or even, if we remember how, by telephone and actually talk to people.

So, until we have, indeed, flattened the curve of infection by following the guidelines (staying home, keeping a distance between ourselves and others, not hoarding, doing everything we can to avoid spreading infection to others, washing our hands until the skin falls off, and disinfecting our homes, purchases and possessions religiously), let’s seek the positive as much as we can. Let’s be incredibly grateful to those who are still working so we CAN make purchases that we need. Let’s be thankful for those brave medical professionals and workers in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies who are trying to keep us healthy and treat those who are not.

And when the end of the crisis appears on the horizon, let’s take the time to re-evaluate our priorities and be aware of what is truly important. Let’s define what we truly need (as opposed to what we want) and move forward living our lives accordingly. That is my wish for everyone.

There will be an end to this eventually. Until then, wash your hands, keep your distance and stay safe everyone.

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