The 13th month – Mayuary

With all of the things going on, both locally and globally, regarding the Covid-19 situation, infection levels, deaths, hospitalizations, social distancing, mask wearing – or not, travel restrictions, isolation, rising frustrations and so on, Mother Nature has gotten in on the act too. When I sat down to write today’s post I put the stereo on and told my phone to shuffle songs from my 60s Folk playlist. It chose Peter, Paul and Mary’s song “Day is Done”. It seemed to fit.

Three days ago the sun was shining and, despite the cool wind, there distinct signs that spring had really arrived. My hostas were poking up through the ground and there was hope!

The trees were proudly displaying their buds, as were my winter-ravaged rose bushes.

A dear friend, Hetty Smyth, knowing that my son, daughter-in-law and grandkids live on the west coast and couldn’t be here to celebrate Mother’s Day with me, dropped by with a lovely card – signed by her whole family (my surrogate grandkids) – and a special treat, carrot cake with cream cheese icing from the #TheCountryHomeBakery in Sussex Corner. Let’s just say it didn’t last long.

And then Mother Nature got in on the act. Clouds rolled in and by the next day rain was falling steadily.

Staying in the house and staying dry seemed like a good plan. At least with the rain it wasn’t cold. I went to bed, after checking the weather, secure in the knowledge that today would be a better day.

I was wrong.

Apparently Mother Nature is off her meds. This is the scene that I saw when I opened the curtains this morning – a vast change from the previous day. I mean, really? It’s the middle of May for heaven’s sake!

The hummingbirds have begun to arrive in New Brunswick and this is hardly the welcome they were hoping for. My feeder (far right in the photo) was buried in snow. Luckily I have a spare so we swapped that one out for one that wasn’t plugged with the white stuff.

In a short while, the snowfall finally stopped and the distant sky began to lighten.

Snow on the asphalt melted away quickly.

What’s left on the lawns and trees won’t last. The farmer that owns the fields adjacent to our place has been spreading manure to fertilize them before planting this year’s crops. The rain and snow will help to drive the pungent additive into the ground where it will do some good!

The buds on the lilac bush that I share with my neighbour were encased in snow crystals and the temperature began to rise and the snow began to melt away.

Here’s hoping that this is the end of Mother Nature’s cruel joke and that she’ll stop tormenting us. It’s time for warmth, sunshine and flowers!

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  1. Lovely pictures!!!


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