Warmth and Sunshine have arrived!

Hurray! Weather appropriate to the season has FINALLY arrived! The sun is shining and the temperature outside is comfortably warm – if you’re wearing a sweater.

The grass is turning greener. and suddenly buds on trees are beginning to burst forth so leaves and flowers can pop out!

Even my miserly rose bushes are showing signs of recovery. There is hope that they will bloom again this year. Gardening is not my forté, so plants that survive do so under their own steam!

Happiness is setting up the canopy on our deck. It’s a sure sign that summer is near and we’ll be firing up the BBQ or sitting out there enjoying sunshine and expanding our world! Harley adores it and happily curls up on the mat to soak up the rays and warmth! The hummingbird feeder has been out for a while but we’re still waiting for visitors. My next job is to shop for pretty planters to hang across the front of the deck and get my railing planters ready for herbs and lettuce – my easy-reach gardening concept!

I posted a thought on Facebook the other day wondering how my friends felt about social isolation. The responses were fascinating. The extroverts among us are appalled and desperately missing social contact. My introvert friends are loving it – a welcome relief from a sense of obligation to participate.

I have mixed feelings. I do miss seeing my friends or jaunting down the road for a lunch or coffee somewhere. But I also enjoy being alone. Granted, my husband is here so I’m not truly isolated with NO contact – but we’re both quiet souls at heart. As some of the restrictions are lifted, I will enjoy getting out a bit (safely and distancing from others because, as a vulnerable person, I do worry about contracting ANY disease). But I am sorry to see the increase in traffic on my road and with it, the increase in noise from passing vehicles. That’s what sound blocking headphones are for!

Enjoy the warmth, the sunshine and a bit of peace while it lasts! Summer IS coming.

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