Father’s Day and Summer Arrives

Tomorrow, June 21st, will be a busy day. It’s the first full day of summer AND it’s Father’s Day. Our corner of the world is in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures stretching toward 40ºC or close to 104ºF. That’s soul (or sole) meltingly hot by anyone’s standards. Plus, since New Brunswick is one of the Maritime provinces of Canada (i.e. bordering the Bay of Fundy) that addition of high humidity exacerbates the heat. It’s a good time to grab a cold beverage, sit in the shade on the deck, read a book or reflect on life in general.

Love the blossoms on my white rose bushes

Father’s Day is always bittersweet for me. My Dad was an incredibly humble man but, in my eyes, he was an amazing hero. Imagine having the desire and fortitude in mid-life to decide to adopt a child – not just a child, but an infant. Despite his life-long blindness, he and my mother dove in and brought four month old me into their lives.

Proud new father

And summer has truly arrived. Beyond the heat the shrubs have abundant lilac blossoms and the greenery has chosen this year to flourish as never before!

No photoshoot in the yard could possibly be accomplished without supervision!

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