It’s Canada Day!

Hurray! It’s Canada Day! The day we officially celebrate our country’s formation – although this year it’ll be a bit quieter than usual. The parades and celebrations that usually mark the occasion have been quelled by the Covid-19 pandemic. But, that’s ok. In typical Canadian fashion, most folks will take a low-key approach to this year’s celebrations – family get-togethers (limited to those in one’s immediate group “bubble”) or private BBQs on the deck or back yard.

My favourite flower – the simple daisy

Ours is a beautiful country “from sea to shining sea”. It is a photographer’s paradise with grand vistas, oceans, mountains, prairies, farmlands, fishing weirs, wildlife – in the forests and in the cities (if that’s your thing). In other words, we wrote the book on physical diversity. I’ve been fortunate to have visited every province from Newfoundland to British Columbia although a trip to the Territories hasn’t happened.

Regardless of your location, if you live in Canada you are SO lucky. Sure, we have cold, snowy and windy winters – but we also have beautiful springs, warm and sultry summers and utterly magnificent autumns with the blazing colours of fall on the hillsides. We also enjoy a decent educational system and, right now more important than ever, universal health care. It’s not perfect – but it’s there. No one goes bankrupt and loses their home due to accident or illness.

My province of New Brunswick is in the “yellow” stage of economic recovery from the pandemic. We’re all hoping for progress, but at the same time anxious and cautious about a possible second wave. Hopefully everyone will continue to take the situation seriously and do all that can be done to prevent further spread and a resurgence of the wicked virus.

We’ve had weeks without rain so fields are dry and many lawns are brown. Today there was a wee sprinkle but not nearly enough to replenish wells and supply crops with much needed moisture. Although many complain about rain in summer, we could sure use some. This is most unusual for the Maritimes normally known for more precipitation year ’round than this.

But, for today, let’s focus on the celebration of our great country’s birth and the many people from around the world who live here and make it what it is!

Happy Canada Day!

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