Canada Day has come and gone

Yep, Canada Day has come and gone for another year – although this one was a LOT quieter than past versions. Personally, I didn’t miss the parade and I REALLY didn’t miss the fireworks. Although my dog isn’t nervous about them, many are – as are many types of livestock and wildlife. Animals like horse and deer, for example, that are prey animals, have a strong ‘flight’ reflex and will take off in a mad tear when frightened – often charging right through fences, onto roads and creating a danger for themselves and others.

So, this year’s quiet, in my mind at least, was a good thing.

And speaking of good things…

After literally weeks of drought – most unusual here in the Maritimes, we FINALLY had about an hour’s worth of rain last night. Farmers’ fields, crops and gardens all had a badly needed drink of water, making everyone happy.

Who could resist grabbing a camera and a macro lens and heading out into the garden to commemorate the event. After growing up in this area and being used to lots of moisture during the summer months, it’s been quite an adjustment to living with hot, dry weather. I’m not complaining, myself, but I feel for prolific gardeners and farmers whose livelihoods may depend on plant growth – hay for the livestock, wells being topped up and so on.

July is normally our hottest month and, as long as there’s no serious drought, and there’s shade available, warm temperatures are welcome! I’ve taken up bicycling this year as my fitness endeavour as I work on building strength and stamina after being ill last winter. I appreciate the clear morning and temperatures that are neither unbearably hot nor miserably cold. I’m usually out peddling very early so as to avoid traffic and this weather really encourages me to “git ‘er done” as they say.

Happy Canada Day (slightly belated), Happy Independence Day to my American friends, and happy July to one and all.

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