What a day for a drive

The day dawned bright and warm – an ideal day for a trip to the shores of the #BayofFundy and to check out the new connector road from #SussexCorner to the #FundyTrailParkway. From our house, it’s a round trip of 130km.

We set out early to avoid the crowds. On a hot day, half of the population of Kings County heads for the Fundy Trail Parkway or St. Martins to escape the heat (today’s prediction was for 30ºC or more). The new connector road is a joy to traverse – no pot holes and a smooth surface all the way.

The views from the various look-off spots along the Parkway are magnificent. We truly do live in what used to be tagged “The Picture Province”.

Looking down from the top of one of the hills you can see along the coast, the many beaches and coves that form part of the shore of the Bay of Fundy – home to the highest tides in the world, by the way.

Wildlife abounds within and around the park but this wee chirping chipmunk was the only creature we saw today. He wasn’t impressed that we interrupted his foraging when we arrived at Long Beach.

Long Beach at low tide
Harley and I enjoying the cool breeze from the bay on a bench at Long Beach

There are numerous stops along the Parkway and since we’d been there many times before, we only took advantage of a few of them on this visit.

This is a view of yet another of the many beaches along the coast

The Park is criss-crossed by numerous walking and hiking trails offering various levels of difficulty. Today wasn’t our day to tackle the steep decent to the beach with Harley in tow – especially since we knew we’d have to make our way back UP!

If you haven’t visited the Fundy Trail Parkway yet, or any of the many other wondrous sites in New Brunswick, it’s high time you do!

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