What a perfect day! I belong to a small 3-person writers group that, with the onset of Covid and a slew of personal issues for each of us, had kind of faded into the ethernet, neglected by all of us. We decided to get together, in person, and talk about it – to decide to either euthanize the group or resurrect it. We chose the latter.

One of our group lives in Alma, NB, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. She, her husband, and their elderly dog live in a charming house on an absolutely delightful property. From the moment we arrived, exploring the paths and bridges that John had constructed became our first priority.

Through the trees we could see one of their ‘perches’ overlooking the bay.

We headed down to the bay, a grindstone embedded in the ground as a focal point lured us forward on this brilliant and bright sunny day.

In the distance you can see the shore of Nova Scotia. In front of us was the floor of the Bay of Fundy, exposed to explore at a very low tide.

We feasted at the table in the house. Then, armed with coffee and dessert, we perched in the chairs at the top of the bank overlooking Alma’s harbour and the Bay. Conversation was lively and flowed easily as we talked incessantly about life, writing and the world in general. Needless to say, we decided that our group was, indeed, cohesive and well worth resurrection. I think it was the boost we all needed to get back to the keyboard.

I did mention “unplugged” didn’t I? When Martha and I first arrived at Susan’s and John’s home, I tucked my cellphone into my tote bag – and promptly forgot about it for the rest of the day. We talked. We ate. We talked some more and at no point did I even have the urge to peek and see if there were any messages. It was a totally relaxing experience, a refreshing day and an inspiration. Was it the place? The people? Being unplugged? I think it was all of the above. I never even thought about the phone until we were getting into Martha’s car for the trip home and I took it out to call and let my husband know when I’d be home.

The unplugged day with friends was just what I needed! Thank you all for that.

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