Thanksgiving 2020

Given the events of 2020, not the least of which has been the global Covid-19 pandemic, it’s difficult to find things to be thankful for – but there are many if you just look.

Early this morning I went out for a bike ride. My usual route takes me through the Sussex Nature Trails. Last week when I rode through here there was hardly more than a trickle of water running over dry rocks in the bed of Trout Creek. This morning, after a wild thunder and lightening storm accompanying torrential rains last night, the creek was filled with water and, for the first time since early spring, I could actually hear the water running over stones, rippling in the sunshine.

I am thankful for the water that is so needed by farmers and low wells. I am thankful for the sunshine too.

Then, Joel, Harley and I decided to take a family drive. We went up through Cornhill to enjoy the vistas laid out before us. On our way there we took a side trip to see one of King’s County’s many covered bridge treasures.

From the inside looking out

Then we drove on up to Cornhill. From the peak of the hill you can see for miles – over the fields to Knightville and beyond.

We made one last stop and I captured the last remnant of the season – berries clinging on for dear life in the face of the 60kph+ winds whipping across the open fields.

I am thankful that we live in such an amazingly beautiful place. I am thankful for the ability to travel the backroads with my husband – who is willing to park the car every time I screech ‘stop’ so I can jump out and capture an image. I am thankful for our dog, Harley, who accompanies us on these adventures and gives us both unconditional love. And I am thankful for the friends and family who are a part of our lives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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