Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday was a perfect day to park my chair on the grass in front of the Rotary Amphitheatre and enjoy the launch of Gerard Collins‘ latest book, “The Hush Sisters”.

The stage was set, artfully decorated by Bonnie Hill.

“The Hush Sisters” books were piled and ready for purchase, along with Gerard’s other books.

Friends, family and fans gathered to listen to the presentations, renew old friendships, and support Gerard’s latest success.

First up was local author Beth Powning who interviewed Gerard about the book itself and his approach to writing.

Then Kevin, elegantly dressed for his role as MC, introduced the star of the day.

Gerard took his seat for the interview, relaxed and ready to share.

After answering all of Beth’s questions and having quite a lively, and at times very amusing, conversation, he read a few passages from the book.

Like many others, socially distanced and masked, I stood in line to purchase a copy and then have it autographed for posterity. Having enjoyed a couple of Gerard’s workshops, not to mention an amazing journey to Ireland with him and several other writers, I know how hard he works to create the story and supporting imagery. I can’t wait to delve into this latest publication.

Congratulations Gerard Collins! Well done.

And Clancy agrees!

1 thought on “Sunny Sunday Afternoon

  1. Clancy is a huge fan. We’ve hard a hard time keeping him from devouring Gerard’s latest book.


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