Pseudo Summer

What a week this has been weather-wise. Yesterday the afternoon temperatures, in the sun, reached 22ºC and it was glorious – just a light breeze. I went for another short stroll on the Nature Trails to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Trout Creek back of Sullivan Park in Sussex Corner was burbling along over the rocks, glistening in the sunshine.

Seedheads of grass were tanning the sun, waving gently in the breeze.

Multi-colour rocks, smoothed by the moving water over time, looked like gemstones shining under the surface of the water.

Naked tree branches reminded me of the antlers of a great stag, bleached by the sun.

The trail winds and twists through the woods adjacent to the Creek. The sun at this time of year casts long shadows. even at noon.

At the side of the path, shrivelled leaves and fluffy seed pods cling to small branches, unwilling to let go and be trampled underfoot.

Cattails are bursting! People are out enjoying the unusual respite from November’s normally harsh, grey days. Some, like me, are strolling and looking at things as they pass. Others are walking quickly, striding along with purpose – some destination or goal in mind.

Regardless, it was a magnificent day to be out and about – and today is shaping up to be the same. Normally, on Remembrance Day, November 11th, the skies are grey and it often rains. It’s always cold and windy at the Cenotaph while elderly veterans stand resolute to remember and respect their fallen comrades and the service of all.

History’s lessons should be taught in such a way that nothing evil is ever repeated. Sadly, the world is often too slow to learn.

This year, thanks to Covid19, there will be no large public events commemorating the day so it is up to every one of us to halt our day at 11 o’clock in respect and simply to say…

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