A November surprise!

It’s a chilly, damp and grey November day, BUT there’s no wind to speak of, thank goodness. I was sitting in the living room watching TV when Harley, our ever alert Standard Poodle, leapt from his cozy bed and began barking.

I wondered what was going on but hadn’t seen or heard anything to get excited about. Then again, I’m not a dog determined to protect my people at all costs.

I finally went to the window to see what was going on. At first I saw nothing. Then, I saw it.

Way over on the far side of Farmer Brown’s hayfield, there was a pickup truck, another vehicle, some people and something long and yellow/orange.

I grabbed my camera, a longer lens, tossed a coat over my every-so-fashionable flannel PJ pants and sweatshirt and head out onto the deck. For the next several minutes I watched as the crew inflated a huge hot air balloon, crawled into the basket and took to the sky.

Remember the song, Bird on a Wire?

And then they were off, up, up and away on a silent (well, except for the flame to keep them inflated) adventure over Kings County. I hope they had a great flight. It must have been chilly at altitude!


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