A rough start

The first week of 2021 wasn’t exactly an easy one. Although there weren’t any major storms, we’ve endured day after day of gray skies and cool temperatures exacerbated by windchills as the (even light) breezes scooted across the open fields beside Mulberry Lane.

I headed out for a walk this morning hoping to see a bit of sunlight and get some fresh air. The second goal was accomplished. Aside from the weather, the past week, especially Wednesday, has been stressful as the world watched the attempted coup by domestic terrorists in the USA. We Canadians are always affected by what happens south of our border – economically and socially. Sadly there were a few “protests” here as well but there will be charges laid and swiftly, thank goodness. That behaviour won’t be tolerated. The outgoing occupant of the White House has done irreparable damage to a formerly respected nation and I don’t envy President-elect Biden and his team.

On a cheerier note, the most popular member of our family had a spa day yesterday and returned from #TheBarkingBarber looking ever so elegant.

Rhianna does a wonderful job with him. He’s five now and his formerly black coat is turning a lovely shade of silver as he matures.

We enjoyed a very quiet New Year celebration at home, as usual. Actually, we slept through it after enjoying a supper of meat pie made by Joel’s sister Sandy.

There was a full moon after which the sun shone briefly before returning the skies to their incessantly dull gray.

As we hope for more sunlight, the birds we feed are enjoying themselves – sparrows, bluejays, chickadees, an occasional woodpecker, mourning doves and once in a while, a flock of starlings.

So on that cheerier note, let’s hope the rest of 2021 will be filled with kindness as we universally deal with whatever the fates toss at us!

2 thoughts on “A rough start

  1. Lovely images! Beyond that given the week, the weather, covid…..what can one say?


  2. Beautiful images… Harley looks cute in his maturing fur… and you doing so great at capturing his beauty..


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