It’s been a wild ride

I feel so sorry for my friends in the USA – the sensible ones who aren’t bigots, racists or otherwise dangerous people. Their lives have been in upheaval for so long and, even though the presidential inauguration is still ten days away, the angst continues to build. It’s not that much different “up here” north of the 49th parallel nor elsewhere around the world. We all need to be vigilant against hatred and violence.

But, on a happier note, the sun is shining today for the first time, it seems, in eons. I managed to get out for a short, brisk walk this morning just to soak up a few rays and get my dose of Vitamin D. It was nippy, even though the wind was light.

If the early morning traffic is anything to go by, I suspect our local ski hill, Poley Mountain, will be busy today. It looks like a good day for it – whether you do downhill, cross country or strap on snow shoes.

For those of us less adventurous (or more repelled by the concept of cold), staying in the house looking out at the sunshine and enjoying photos that can be created indoors is a pleasure. When the world warms up again and my trusty bike comes out of hibernation, I’ll become more adventurous too. In the meantime, a hot cup of tea and a good book is about all of the challenge I am interested in.

Here’s hoping for better days ahead – here, there and everywhere. Stay safe. Wash often. Wear the mask and above all else, be kind.

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