It’s a sunny winter morning

After several days of gray skies and generally dismal weather, it was a joy to wake up this morning and watch the sun rise n a clear sky. After being cooped up for what seems like ages, with only a few walks down local roads to break the monotony, it was time to get dressed, get out and get on with it.

Down my favourite road for walking I stopped and captured the cool sun rising over the hills of Picadilly highlighting the ice crystals on the frozen grass by the side of the road. The quiet was only interrupted by the sound of hooves breaking through the crust on the snow in the field behind me. The neighbour’s horses had come to the fence to see what the crazy lady was up to!

“Not much,” I explained as I turned around to get one more image from the field.

One of the other two horses looked less than impressed that I’d interrupted their nap time in the rising sun.

After graciously posing for a few shots, the horses went back to their normal business of nibbling hay scattered in their pen and soaking up the rays of the sunshine. I loaded my gear into my car and set out to find some other winter morning images.

In Waterford I couldn’t resist a photo of the church beside the Waterworks. The sun was just peeking around the side casting its starburst rays onto the front of the church and through the bushes as well.

Beside the church, the dusting of snow on the hill was highlighted by the sun’s rays as well.

Having satisfied today’s urge for sunny winter morning images I headed for home. One last stop took me into Sullivan Park in Sussex Corner where remnants of autumn hung precariously over the vacant playground swings.

1 thought on “It’s a sunny winter morning

  1. Lovely. And a beautiful morning, for sure!


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