The End of January is in Sight!

So far winter has been gentle on this area of the world. Given the increased cases of Covid and the restrictions on seeing friends and family (some of which some people ignored during the holidays and for that sin we are all paying) while necessary, in mid-winter, seem onerous. For the next several days we are expecting more normal bitterly cold, windy and sometimes snowy weather.

In anticipation of that and its accompanying misery, I went to a local florist, #GooldsFlowers, and treated myself to an assortment of brightly coloured tulips. Pam, one of the owners of the shop, said that their weekly tulip deliveries arrive on Wednesdays. Today is Thursday and there were only two bundles left – luckily my very favourite tulip colours – yellow and orange. I’m not the only one who enjoys them!

The thing about tulips is that they are both strong and delicate.

Waving their cheery little heads, they bring joy to everyone who sees them.

It won’t take long before they open up but hopefully, with care, they’ll last quite a while. Their warm colours mask the cold, gray sky outside. Now if only it could hide the sound of the wicked winter wind beating against my window.

Tulips are the happiest of flowers in the winter time. I’m sure they’ve pulled many a soul from the depths of depression, especially this year when we’re all experiencing not only the usual winter doldrums but the frustration of trying to live through an international pandemic.

Look closely – and you’ll see the tulip’s smile and I know you’ll want to smile right back!

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