It’s the longest short month of the year!

February arrived with a minimum of fuss. Just a very gray and dismal first day.

Then, I glanced out the window and to my surprise, I saw a huge hot air balloon being inflated and rising into the sky. The bright red and orange canopy was such a cheery sight to behold!

hot air balloon, winter scene

I can only imagine how cold the pilot and passengers must be, high up in the sky on a nippy winter morning. There was virtually no wind on February 1st but that was to change overnight.

Today a blizzard that had been hammering the north eastern United States arrived here while we were having breakfast. The wind has picked up and the snow is falling sideways, making visibility virtually nil. I hope those who have to travel today do so safely.

It is February 2nd, Ground Hog Day. Given the storm we’re having I feel safe in saying that any ground hogs anywhere on the eastern seaboard of North America, and especially here in New Brunswick and the other Maritime provinces, are snug in their burrows and not at all concerned about or able to see their shadows. Folk lore says that means an early spring.

I hope it’s true! Last year we had snow falling on Mother’s Day in mid-May!

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Red and orange hot air balloon taking off on a cold winter morning.

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