Winter walk on a sunny Sunday

Considering that it’s only mid-late February, today turned into an exceptional day. The sun shone brilliantly with both strength and warmth. The lack of wind made my walk down Mulberry Lane, between two large, open fields a genuine pleasure.

snow covered field

I saw a few deer tracks in the snow beside the road and the local snowmobilers have obviously been out enjoying the fresh snowfall too.

The horses that live near the end of the lane were out enjoying a snack while basking in the sun’s warmth as well.

2 horses eating hay on the snow

Even the local raven was enjoying an afternoon’s leisure.

raven in a tree

He (or she?) stayed perched for a while watching to see what I’d do and, as I walked back up the lane, the raven flew to another vantage point to keep tabs on me.

It’s amazing how shiny the plumage is, especially in the bright sunlight.

By the time I got home again, most of the birds we regularly feed were gone – except this one wee sparrow who was enjoying having the remaining seeds all to himself!

All in all it was a lovely winter walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

As we all struggle through the pandemic, it’s important to find pleasure whenever and wherever one can. A “walk on the wild side” is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

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