We were spoiled

Winter technically began in late December, just before Christmas. But, our weather through the holidays, January and most of February was relatively mild with little snow and few storms – at least here in southern New Brunswick. Even a few days ago the temperature was above zero and, when I went for my walk, the sun on my face felt warm and strong – a portend of spring.

Don’t be fooled, though. As the almost-full moon was setting this morning, the temperature outside was anything but spring-like. With windchill, it was below -20ºC and the wind was rising, even then. So, rather than venture outside, I stayed in and played with my camera.

Peace Lily plant with four flowers

A few years ago I mentioned to my friend, #GinaBouchard, that I couldn’t keep a house plant alive. For my birthday, she presented me with a small Peace Lily plant and told me that the sales lady told her it couldn’t be killed. I remember thinking, “Oh yeah? Watch this!”

Peace Lily Flower opening

To my surprise, she was RIGHT! That little plant has grown and grown. I’ve had to re-pot it twice now, and throughout the year it gifts me with lovely blossoms. At the moment there are four – one quite open, and three to follow. Thank you Gina. I’ve learned that putting it in a humid environment (it lives on the corner of the aptly named “garden tub” in our bathroom) and essentially ignoring it WORKS!

Peace Lily seed head

Besides making photographs, I like to bake. Sometimes I like to bake AND make photographs. This morning was one of those occasions.

lemon and baking tools

I assembled the ingredients, tools and well-spattered recipe and began to make a lemon bread. It’s one of our favourites and always a pleasure to create.

lemon bread

The smell of lemon throughout the house is so enticing. It’s all I can do to resist slicing into it!

lemon bread closeup from top

But, while I let it cool, I’ll enjoy the first birthday card I’ve received. My sister-in-law, Pat, is a talented artist. She creates little vignettes or paintings of things that interest her and makes them into greeting cards. I’ve been saving each one I’ve received to be treasured again and again.

hand painted greeting card

The also make nice backdrops for photos of small things too.

Despite today’s bitterly cold temperature, there is still strength in the sun and spring will come soon. Like others, I am looking forward to spending more time outside, getting my bicycle out of storage, and hitting the trails! In the meantime?

behind the scenes photo set up

I’m content to create a small black v-flat and build sets on my kitchen table – where it’s warm!

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