Flowers make me happy

In the midst of the winter / pre-spring doldrums, when everyone is getting cranky and fed up with the cold, a bouquet of flowers always brings a spot of cheer, especially on a dreary, surprisingly bitterly cold, day.

open pale pink rosebud
The roses Joel bought for me from #GooldsFlowers are opening up!

The colours are gentle and so very cheerful. Plus they are the living embodiment of the thoughtfulness of others. A good friend of mine, #HettySmyth, arrived bringing more flowers in honour of my natal day while her youngest son, Alexander, repeated “Happy Birthday” to me several times (at least once for each decade of my life).

tulip bouquet

Some opened up quickly, others are still closed against the cold this morning!

variegated tulip head

It’s going to be gorgeous when it opens up in the next day or so. Right now it looks like it’s keeping a special secret inside it’s petals.

assorted tulips

The deep purple of the closed bud will give way to a lighter mauve as it opens up. Happy flowers make me happy – almost as much as receiving several telephone calls yesterday from the west coast. My dear friend Debbie from Prince George always remembers my birthday with a lengthy telephone chin wag. My son’s father, Ian, also called to offer his best wishes – we’re still friends. And David remembered too! He called yesterday afternoon for a quick chat (he was at work) and to wish me a Happy Birthday.

2 open pale pink roses

Since last year’s birthday (despite being a milestone one) could definitely be classified as a dud, Joel went out of his way to make this one special for me. Not only did he arrange for the surprise delivery of beautiful roses from #GooldsFlowers, but he took me out for a nice lunch that ended with a rather large piece of my favourite chocolate cake with boiled icing. No photos of that as I practically inhaled it’s dark chocolatey goodness and white frothy top!

Purple and pink tulips

I am so fortunate to have wonderful friends (like the 200+ who sent me good wishes via Facebook, Messenger, emails etc.) and family who go out of their way to spoil me.

Now, on this cold winter day I’m going to curl up with a book given to me by my special friend, Alison, our dog, Harley and a decent cup of tea. What more could one ask for?

Pale pink large rose bud

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