A vast change from last year

Last March I celebrated my 70th birthday as a patient in the Sussex Health Centre. I was recovering from a life-threatening bout of sepsis resulting from an untreated bladder infection. Truthfully, I don’t remember much about my birthday; I don’t think there was cake.

This morning I woke up healthy to enjoy sunshine despite the cold March wind blowing outside. My birthday celebrations began with a collection of lovely cards – both paper AND virtual.

And as if that weren’t celebration enough, hundreds of greetings arrived on Facebook and I exceeded my goal of raising $250 for the #GreaterMonctonSPCA with the help of several of those thoughtful friends. When you reach “middle age” (or beyond) the need for ‘things’ diminishes greatly and it’s nice to be able to share my friends’ thoughtfulness with a worthwhile organization.

Harley gently (ok, loudly) announced that there was someone at the door and to my delight I saw Pam Goold of #GooldsFlowers coming up the stairs with a bouquet of gorgeous pink roses – my gift from Joel.

The aroma is delightful but gentle, not the oft overpowering scent one sometimes gets from roses. It’s delicate – like the flowers themselves.

I spent some time playing with my camera – always a nice way to spend time when avoiding the cold outdoors!

And, of course, a macro of a rose…

I can’t begin to thank everyone who has made this a special day – a much improved day from 2020! I’m grateful to be here to enjoy today and those that follow!


2 thoughts on “A vast change from last year

  1. AWESOME!!!!!Beautiful photo of you Ceci! May your Birthday continue all weekend!!!


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