Pedalling Around

I set out this morning to see if I could manage a slightly longer bike ride. I ride a #RADRover e-bike that gives me pedal assist for coping with the up-hills and a break if I get too tired (a possibility at my age and stage of life). It also has fat tires for coping with gravel and rougher terrain. The downside is, it’s heavy (65 pounds).

One of my favourite places to ride is through the #NatureTrails from #SussexCorner through to #Sussex itself. Once on the trails you have lots of choices that include branching off and doing loops off the main trail and back again.

Much of the trail runs beside Trout Creek. I was quite surprised at how low the water is already considering that flood season only officially ended this week. When I rode through there a couple of weeks ago the water was much higher. The trail at this point is quite churned up so, in deference to my age and safety, I got off my bike and hand-walked it through the deep and rocky section. The Town of Sussex has posted signs asking for patience as they work to restore any flood- or spring-damaged areas of the trail

It’s a pleasant ride and I often meet people along the way. There’s usually a friendly greeting or two exchanged, and I try to be a courteous trail user by stopping and moving off the the side so walkers/joggers can pass by safely.

As you approach the bend in the creek from the Sussex Corner end, someone has added a wee fairy house in the tree.

There’s one spot at the junction of a couple of trails where there’s an empty tree trunk. Some wonderful fairies have adopted it and they built a home there, decorating seasonally as they see fit.

My bike looks a bit unusual so, fairly often, people will comment on it or stop to ask questions about how it works or where I got it, etc. If nothing else, it gives me a chance for a break in my jaunt to catch my breath, and maybe meet a new friend. One time I met a man walking his dog. The dog picked up a huge stick and brought it to me, hoping for a game of fetch. He got a warm welcome and a pat on the head instead.

The trail system is a wonderful asset to our community and one that I hope will be kept, and perhaps even expanded, for a long, long time.


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