It’s a rainy Monday morning

Yesterday was a lovely Sunday. It was warm and sunny with a light breeze blowing. I did notice, however, during my morning bike ride that the water level in Trout Creek had dropped substantially from just the week before.

So, today’s rain is a welcome interlude. Hopefully it will help to refill the streams, wells and water tables. With spring growth just beginning, lots of water will be needed by gardeners, farmers and Mother Nature.

I spent a little time roaming around the yard checking the buds on the lilac tree, the rose bushes, and various other bushes. None of this could be done, of course, without the supervision of the resident overlord!

The rose bushes are just beginning to show their buds. The tree in the front yard is waving its stamens, almost ready to burst forth!

Can you guess what the following photo is? I’m sure avid gardeners will have no problem. As for the rest of us? Well…

It’s a hosta just bursting through the soil! Mother Nature is quite amazing, especially when viewed through a macro lens.

Meanwhile, Harley expressed his opinion about the whole ‘working in the garden’ thing when, instead, I could have been playing with him!

Spring has truly arrived. Every morning I’m greeted by songbirds trilling away in the bushes between our house and the road. With each passing day the buds on the plants grow larger and they are ready to burst forth with leaves and blossoms full of colour and scent for all to enjoy. The temperatures are much more pleasant and even the rain is welcome.

For those who think the whole “climate change” thing is some kind of hoax devised by some evil government in order to elicit more tax dollars from your pockets – look back over the past several years and you will see evidence of the changes. I mentioned above that the stream is way below normal for this time of year. Hummingbirds have been reported in the Maritimes – weeks before their normal return. Temperatures are noticeably warmer than in the past at this time of year. Things are changing.

In the meantime – do your bit, enjoy life, and get outside as much as you can. As Harley and his kind say, if you can’t eat it or don’t like it, pee on it, kick it into the ditch and walk away.

Have a happy Monday!

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