A Second Pandemic Mother’s Day

It’s hard to believe that we are still in a pandemic rotation worldwide. Normally at this time of year I’d be packing, or at least making lists of things to pack, for my annual visit to my son and his family on the west coast – 5000km away. There was no trip last year. There’ll be no trip this year. Hopefully there will be a phone call.

I’ve had two mother’s in my life; one gave birth to me, the other raised me. One was there when I was born and then gone to another life. One picked me up and brought me home to raise as her own. After she died, my first mother came back into my life and for over 20 years we got to know each other before she, too, died.

Mother’s Day is a tough one for many. Whether it’s because your mother(s) are no longer here, or your children are estranged or perhaps just thoughtless, or even worse (I can not imagine!) your child has died.

And so we turn to our other family members and shower our furry/feathered/scaly family members with the love that pours out of our hearts. Those who belittle those ties have no idea how strong those bonds are!

Sometimes we turn to nieces, nephews, the children of friends and share our affection with them. But now, in the midst of a second pandemic Mother’s Day, even that is out of the question – at least in person.

This pandemic has shattered families; torn apart those bonds that need to be strengthened by contact, by hugs, by looking into someone’s eyes – not through a screen or device. Conversations become stilted because – what’s left to say? How are you? Anything new? How’s the weather?

My dog comes, puts his chin on my arm and looks up at me. He is the embodiment of true devotion. How could anyone not respond with love? For him there are no screens or devices – just the touch of a wet nose, a chin on your arm, brown eyes gazing up adoringly.

May your Mother’s Day be filled with joy; the sound of laughter; and warm thoughts to fend off the nasty cold weather outside.

Happy Mother’s Day

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