Mother’s Day and more

Last week-end encompassed the annual Mother’s Day celebrations. For most it’s a happy occasion, but for those whose mothers have died, those who don’t know their mothers or don’t have a good relationship with them, or families who are separated by distance and circumstance, it can be a less-than-celebratory day. I fall in the middle. I have a good relationship with my son – but he lives 5000km away so, at best, I get to have a phone conversation with him to catch up on the latest news. Sadly, his children could care less.

Luckily for me, my husband and loving pooch are inclined to mark the occasion on my behalf!

My good friends, the Smyth family, have loaned me their children as my surrogate grandkids and so, on occasions like Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas etc. they come to visit. Often they bring a sweet card and sometimes a small gift. This year it was flowers!

All in all, it was a good day.

The weather also cooperated so I went out in the yard and took images of our emerging garden.

Hostas bravely pushing up through the ground, their spikes forming a fairy ring when viewed from above. Lilacs and roses are getting ready to put on a display and the lawn is full of nourishing dandelions!

Even on a breezy day the sky offers a fluffy background for the flowers bursting out of the roadside trees.

A brave spider was sunning himself on the railing of our deck, probably hoping no birds would swoop down and scoop him up for lunch. I was content to immortalize him in a photo.

One lone tulip has emerged in the bushes along the edge of our lawn. Whenever I have flowers that are past their prime, we toss them into the bushes for Mother Nature to do with as she pleases. I had no idea that tulips might emerge from seeds as I’d always thought they had to come from bulbs carefully planted in suitable soil. Apparently I was wrong. This one is cheery and strong standing out among the emerging bushes and weeds. Or is the tulip itself a weed? A dear friend of mine once said that a weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place. Hmmmmm.

To start a lovely week-end, I spent yesterday visiting my best friend, meeting a new friend and enjoying a tour of her yard and garden, supervised by Miss Brady, of course. The wind was blowing and no doubt the water in the Washedemoak Lake was chilly, but it was a beautiful afternoon topped off with tea, scones, cream and jam. Yep – a good day.

The days are warming up and I am looking forward to more time on my bike, soaking up the sunshine for the next few months. Our spring/summer season is short so make the most of it!

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