Tomorrow is Father’s Day…

so, I would like to salute all the dads out there who are, or have, raised children – be they their own through conception or their own by choice through marriage or adoption.

man with baby

I was incredibly lucky to have been raised by a terrific adopted Dad who was always there for me. He held my hand when I was ill; helped me learn to walk again after I had polio; was at my side when I needed him, and let go of my bike when I was ready to go off on my own.

No matter how exhausted he was after 10-12 hour days tuning pianos, he always had a smile for me and would play for a while, often getting down on his hands and knees so I could ride my “pony” (an addiction that began when I was VERY young).

When I had a son, my Dad transitioned into a wonderful grandfather, lavishing love and attention on David, or sometimes just providing a comfy lap to snooze on

For those who don’t have fond memories of their fathers or who had unhappy relationships for any reason, you have my sympathies. Luckily my memories are good ones, often filled with laughter and joy.

He’s been gone a long time now, but it’s a rare day that thoughts of him don’t cross my mind.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Hillman Wright 1911-1999
Resting in Albert County where he was born.

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