Not your old-fashioned gramma!

Just because I’m in my (early) 70s, doesn’t mean I’m ready for the boneyard just yet! Last year, after recovering from a near-death illness, I decided it was time to get out and get moving. Of course, the Covid-19 Pandemic was in full swing by the time I was ready to move it, so I decided to get a new bike.

I opted for a #RADRover Step Thru e-bike – and I’ve never looked back! It has given me freedom and exercise. Without its pedal-assist feature, I couldn’t go the distances I choose to go, nor could I get up that last steep hill toward home!

All last summer and fall I rode around the area – through the Sussex Nature Trails, around Sussex and Sussex Corner, out through Penobsquis and back again. Traveling by bike is so much quieter and, when you slow down, you see so much more around you – and you can appreciate it.

Today’s ride took me through the Nature Trails and back home again. The video below is only 10 minutes out of a 40 minute pedal – but it’s a few highlights.

I always enjoy meeting people on my travels. There are some ‘regulars’ on the trail who always have a friendly hello. Basic courtesy pays off. When I see walkers or joggers coming toward me, especially if they have a dog that they’re exercising, I pull to the side of the trail and stop to give them more room. Sometimes they’ll pull over to let me pass by as well – a mutual consideration. If I go early enough I often see a man walking his border collie that is addicted to sticks and carries one everywhere she goes!

It’s quiet on the trail and I often stop to listen to the birds or to watch the occasional squirrel running around. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, I’ll see some deer. Unfortunately, this year I haven’t seen many of them, perhaps due to the loud construction taking place adjacent to the trail.

With the plethora of bicycle models, with and without e-assist, anyone can get out and about regardless of age. It’s just a matter of find something that suits you.bicycling

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