’tis the season – for hungry hummingbirds

Now that hummingbirds have mated, nested, laid eggs and fledged their young, the season is upon us when they are ravenous!

I spent a while out in the backyard where I could see both of our feeders, waiting to see who would show up. It didn’t take long before three were zooming about – checking to see if I was a threat and checking to see if there was food in either or both feeders.

Their aerobatics amaze me – the rapid flapping of their tiny wings, their ability to hover in one spot.

They must burn a zillion calories just going to and fro the feeder, never mind their other adventures.

They fascinate me. Last night we brought the feeders inside in anticipation of Tropical Storm Elsa. The hummers were having none of that and one sat on the holder outside staring in the kitchen window. We got the hint and I quickly cleaned and re-filled one of the feeders deciding that they must need it. Sure enough they descended on the feeder as soon as it was re-hung, guzzling as much as they could.

Sometimes they need a rest so they grasp the ring below the feeder flower and just perch while they snack. Their antics are intriguing.

Enjoy a few shots from today’s adventures in our backyard. If you want to see any image in more detail, just click on it.

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