Things I love

I saw a meme on Facebook that said “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate” and so I will.

I took a walk down Mulberry Lane for the first time in eons – basically since Joel takes care of all of Harley’s walks now. I went slowly, armed with my camera, and took the time to examine pretty things in the ditches, on the roadside and in the surrounding fields. There is so much to see and admire. As a dearly departed friend of mine and avid gardener, Anne Morton, once said, “a weed is simply a flower or plant growing in the wrong place.”

The corn crop is growing well and there will be happy cows this winter!

On the other side of the road, there is hay.

And cat tails in the ditch.

Back in my own backyard I took the time to look closely and found a busy bee snacking on a plant. He paused to pose for me!

Sometimes you find the most unexpected things. We have a row of trees and bushes between us and the road. Out of nowhere, I found this solitary day lily poking it’s cheery head through the greenery.

And on the bushes themselves, the berries have begun to turn red to attract and feed the hungry birds.

The next day I couldn’t resist another shot of my deck planter. The purple petunias and orangey begonias are SO pretty and brighten my day every morning.

Meanwhile, inside the house I’m still enjoying my lovely anniversary “Joyce” roses from #GooldsFlowers in Sussex.

For a change of pace I drove down by the #PrincessLouiseParkShowCentre and captured a few shots of barrel racing in the outside arena. Tammy was having fun!

Yesterday was a more leisurely day. I was meeting with my friends in our “Escritores femininos ferozes” writing group at one member’s home in Alma. I left home early to spend some time in #FundyNationalPark in search of new photographic material. There was no shortage. I talked with a delightful young lady at the Wolf Lake information building while I was purchasing my day pass. She suggested a couple of places where I might find some loons and some geese to photograph. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them. The only wildlife I saw was a lone deer standing on the hillside over the road observing the passing traffic.

But again, if you take the time to look around and down you’ll find lots of interesting things like this enormous mushroom of some sort – a wonderful home for passing fairies I’m sure.

Or perhaps they live under the bent trunk of these trees?

Bennett Lake was eerily silent and devoid of tourists this early in the morning, making it a lovely spot to stop and enjoy the moment. This is why I adore this time of day, before the rest of the world comes alive.

On my way to Wolf Point I stopped at the lookout over the bay. The Caledonia Hills were engulfed in fog, their tip just beginning to peek through.

Similarly, at Wolf Point the Bay was invisible beyond the covered bridge.

From there I headed through Alma, stopping to check out the fishing boats “sitting on the dock of the bay” as Otis Redding sang. The tide was in so all of the boats were floating, as opposed to literally sitting on the ocean floor.

Since I had time, I decided to drive down to “Steep Beach” near Cape Enrage just to sit for a while and enjoy the sound of the surf on the shore. First I had to navigate one of the worst stretches of road I’ve experienced in a while. There were potentially wheel wrenching potholes and I was very glad to be driving a small car as opposed to a large vehicle or RV. This is a major tourist route and the government should be ashamed for allowing it to deteriorate to that extent.

The fog was thick and I heard the mournful cry of the fog horn at Cape Enrage as I leaned into the wind to get capture a few photos.

When I returned to Alma I went straight to my friend’s home to enjoy a wonderful potluck lunch. Then we ‘adjourned’ our meeting to the shore where we sprawled in Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the warmth of the sun that had burned off the fog while being cooled by a lighter breeze from the bay.

It’s interesting to look back at #FundyNationalPark from a different perspective. A terrific end to a great day exploring our own backyard!

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  1. Lovely pictures Ceci!!!!


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