Eventing Peekaboo Corner

with Stewart Sporthorses

According to the NB Equestrian Association website:

Eventing is a sporting discipline which combines three phases of competition – dressage, cross country, and show jumping.Each horse/rider combination performs a dressage test, demonstrating to the judges’ the horse’s paces, obedience, harmony with his rider, and degree of training. In the second phase, the horse and rider complete a course of solid-looking obstacles met on a course through fields, woods, and water, aiming to jump each obstacle without mishap within the time allowed. The final phase, show jumping, follows the same format as regular show jumping, proving that the horse is still fit and careful enough to negotiate a course of ore fragile obstacles without penalty. The scores from all three phases combine – the horse and rider with the fewest penalty points are the victors. The Olympic and international format of Eventing spaces the phases out over three days. Shortened formats for lower level competitors, called Horse Trials or Derbies, can occur in one or two days. 

Those new to the sport of Eventing have to start somewhere. The owners of Stewart Sporthorses, Reba and Stephane Fournier, have created a program called “Explore Eventing” that includes a series of training clinics and competitions that introduce horses and riders to the sport. Some are ‘green’ riders – those with little to no experience with this type of competition. Others are more experienced riders but introducing their young or ‘green’ horses to the sport. The series offers several levels from the lowest Introductory (jumps are 6″ logs) level up through Training level (jumps are 3’3″).

For most, whether green horses or green riders, the most intimidating part of the whole thing is being outside the competition ring, galloping at speed across open country while leaping obstacles en route.

Today’s clinic was held at the Peekaboo Corner facility on the outskirts of Norton, NB.

The cross country course winds through fields, over ditches and up and down hills with a variety of obstacles throughout.

These two young riders on their school ponies were having a wonderful time. Coaches Reba and Jane led them through their paces at the top of the hill where they learned to control their pace and their ponies’ enthusiasm at being outside in the open.

Their smiles summed it up as a good time was had by both riders and ponies.

Check out the action at the Sanctioned Show on August 7th or the Explore Eventing Series Derby on the 14th. Riders of all ages will test their mettle in a beautiful setting overlooking the Kennebecasis Valley!

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