Sunny Sunday August 1st

Gorgeous morning for a 10+km bike ride through the Sussex Nature Trail and beyond. There was no wind, and although the temperature was only 10ºC, it didn’t feel at all cold!

I always enjoy cruising along (being respectful of walkers and other cyclists, of course). I stopped at the bend in the creek to grab a couple of shots of the deer in the background and the great cloud reflection in the water. A lady I had passed earlier caught up to me and we enjoyed a lovely chat along with the view. Then, a gentleman walking a large, but friendly, German shepherd passed by and shared a greeting as well.

Early in the morning, there aren’t a lot of people using the trails so it’s always enjoyable to pause and share a moment or two with someone else.

One of my favourite spots along the route is the “Fairy Tree”. It’s a split tree stump at the side of the trail that local children have adopted and decorated seasonally.

The ‘residents’ have a delightful rooftop picnic area where they can sit and survey passersby.

Or, they can choose to lounge on the ground level deck in the sunny warm weather.

It’s always fun to park my bike and circle the stump a few times just to see what’s new.

On my way home I stopped to watch a small herd of deer in a newly refurbished hayfield. They were enjoying their breakfast, oblivious to my presence for a change.

It’s a beautiful day. The birds are enjoying feasting on the rapidly reddening berries. Flowers on the deck planter that my friend Judi gave me are flourishing as are the wildflowers in the shrubs along the property line. Summer is wonderful – and far too short.

If you can, get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

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