Today’s stroll down Mulberry Lane

It’s been a while since I just grabbed my camera and took a walk down Mulberry Lane. Today was the day. After a dismal start this morning, with ominously gray skies, the sun broke through late in the morning so, off I went.

The hills of Picadilly are just beginning to show a hint of fall colours as the corn fields, with stalks that must be eight feet high, appear to be ready for harvest to keep the farmer’s cows well fed this winter.

The bushes at the side of the road were alive with small birds flitting here and there, singing for all they were worth. Catching a couple sitting still on some branches was challenging, but I did manage to get two!

Two of my neighbour’s horses were out in their paddock and seemed happy to pose for me today. The row of fall-tinged trees in the background made for a lovely setting for this head shot.

This one was more interested in seeing if I had any treats with me. I never feed anyone else’s horse(s) without permission because you don’t know if the horse may have any dietary issues that a treat could cause a problem.

On my way home the small birds continued to serenade me as I walked by. Can you spot the one on the branch in this tree?

On my walks I always try to look in all directions – ahead, beside, up high and down low. You never know what intriguing sights you’ll see.

The sedum plant on our front yard has turned a deep pink. The blossoms will stay there for the winter, providing some sustenance for birds or insects in the cold months.

The trees and bushes along our property line have begun to turn colour as well. No doubt there’ll be a multi-coloured carpet on the ground soon.

The field across the road is still green and growing. Perhaps the farmer will get another cut of hay before it dies down for the winter. The geese and deer that regularly roam through there are finding lots of snacks for the time being at least.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Crisp, sunny days with gorgeous colours, cool nights for sleeping, time for cozy sweaters and warm socks – and no bugs! Today’s walk down Mulberry Lane brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

2 thoughts on “Today’s stroll down Mulberry Lane

  1. Beautiful photos, thx for sharing another of your amazing talents.


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