SOS – New Family Member

Here in Sussex there is an amazing organization known as “SOS” or “Save Our Strays”. This group of incredible volunteers dedicate themselves to saving unwanted, neglected and abandoned cats and, in many cases, their kittens. The group survives on corporate and individual donations plus the modest adoption fee they receive whenever a cat goes to its “furever” home. Their exposure is almost exclusively on Facebook where they have a very active page, much of which is focussed on showing cats available for adoption. Check them out at SOS_Save Our Strays

I often peruse their page, remembering all of the cats that have passed through my life, most recently a Tortie named Halo. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago but, although I adore our dog, Harley, I still missed having a kitty in the house.

One day I saw her – a little face looking out at me from the Facebook page and she won my heart immediately. I showed her to my husband who said, “So? Do it! We have all the gear we need (dishes, litter box, carry case, etc.) so what the heck? A little more critter food on the grocery list.”

Her Adoption Photo – from FB

He didn’t have to tell me twice. Before he’d finished listing off what we have and what we’d need for her, I’d filled out the Adoption Application form on their Facebook page and sent it off. I was thrilled when I got a message in short time that said my application had been received and approved. The cat known as “Baby” would be joining our family.

Once arrangements had been made for her arrival, we waited with joyful anticipation for her to be delivered. She’s approximately a year old and had had one litter (that we know about). All of her kittens had found homes, and she was the last of her wee group to be adopted.

Since we have Harley (a large Standard Poodle who’s a bit rambunctious and has a very loud bark), we decided to give her a few days to acclimate to her new home environment. For now she’s living in the master bedroom until she feels more comfortable. Then we’ll introduce her to Harley. I think they’ve already chatted under the bedroom door. Harley likes cats and won’t hurt her – but he is a tad rough sometimes so we want to give them a chance to develop a happy bond.

I took her into the bedroom and opened the carrier door. She stepped out cautiously and then bolted under the bed. It wasn’t long, though, until she was ready to come out and really meet me and explore ‘her’ space.

After almost 48 hours, she’s still a little nervous, but greets me happily every time I enter the room, especially if I have a bowl of food in my hand!

Her Purr motor works very well! All you have to do is look at her and the motor begins to roar. She’s rapidly becoming very affectionate, happy to be patted and will even let me pick her up for short periods of time.

She quickly figured out where the food, water, litter box and scratching board were and claimed them all.

We decided that the name “Baby” didn’t really suit her (or us) so we re-christened her “Lucy” – and we love her.

This morning she discovered that she can jump up onto the bed and watch the world roll by outside the window. It’s her version of “CatFlix” I guess.

We’re thrilled to have her in our family. Thank you SOS!

1 thought on “SOS – New Family Member

  1. She is absolutely beautiful.


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