An Awesome Autumn Morning

As much as possible, I try to get out for a ride on my #RADRover bike several days a week. Today was a perfect day for it – no wind, sunshine and warm (but not blisteringly hot).

I headed down the road to the Sussex Nature Trail where signs of autumn are popping up everywhere.

Colours that were barely visible last week are now intense.

Even where there’s only one shrub on the shore and a few tree tops in the distance, red always stands out while the green trees are reflected in the creek.

Some are more intense than others, depending on how the sunlight hits the leaves – front, back or side.

Others are a mixture of red and gold and when you look straight up to the tree tops….

A perfect day for my pedal through the trail. I stopped and chatted with a few groups of people who were out for a walk enjoying this magnificent autumn morning while it lasts.

Despite our recent rain storm, the water level in the creek is quite low, but there are spots where you can sit and listen to it burbling over the rocks.

At over 20ºC, with the sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky, it truly was an awesome autumn morning.

2 thoughts on “An Awesome Autumn Morning

  1. Beautiful pictures !!!


  2. Beautuful photos, love your description.


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