We’ve all seen that old saw about assumptions making an ass/(out of)u/(and)me, right? There’s a lot of truth in that/

When people see someone who doesn’t look like, sound like, talk like or behave like them, they ASSUME that the others are inferior in some way. Think about it – what are YOUR assumptions about people?

One thing I’ve learned since taking up bicycling is that when people see me peddling along the trails in my home town, they assume that I’m a lot younger than I really am – often by a decade or more. That’s a good assumption for me!

I like it when people think I’m younger, stronger and more fit than my real age and condition truly are!

Custom made cape by
Heather Knight Clothing and Gifts creates handcrafted clothing that reflects the spirit of Atlantic Canada.
Inspired by Celtic Spirit. Handcrafted in Nova Scotia. Mine is a tribute to my wolf fetish.

Maybe I am ‘different’ – and that’s a good thing! If those who don’t know me make assumptions about who or what I am, that’s their problem, not mine.

3 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. What a beautiful picture of you!!!


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