Why write? Why not?

I write because I need to write. Like breathing regularly, writing provides a creative outlet for thoughts and opinions. It gives me a way to not just document life, but to explain it from my own perspective.

Writing is also a way for me to create a legacy. My hope is that my now-adult son and my almost-adult grandchildren will someday read my words and understand who I was and that I lived a life worth remembering.

I crave creative outlets. My writing is from the heart, as honest as it can be. Similarly, I use my photography to capture and share feelings and stories.

There’s a small mountain of snow that fell sideways yesterday, and as soon as there’s enough light, I’ll head out to see if I can capture the impact in an image.

My other as-necessary-as-breathing creative outlet is music. Whether it is listening to a favourite piece on the stereo or playing my ancient violin myself, music stirs emotions like no other medium.

So, what do I like about my writing? That it, and my other creative endeavours, can reach out and touch others.

2 thoughts on “Why write? Why not?

  1. Richard Sullivan January 8, 2022 — 8:40 am

    Lay on McDuff! šŸ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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