Life’s Lesson – be a child

When we are children we learn something new every day – from our families, friends, schools, outside, inside, pets and wildlife. But, as we age we lose that sense of curiosity and wonder, until…

A new light goes on. Now that I’m retired and can slow the pace of life a bit from the hectic schedules of a working mom with a demanding job, I can take the time to look around. I’m a writer and a photographer so, although technically retired, I’ll never stop pursuing either of those ventures. The difference is that now I can choose my subjects and explore them any way I want.

It is mid-January and, on the morning after a storm, the wind is still blowing, the sun lacks any tangible warmth, there’s a hefty layer of snow on the ground and it is cold, so very, very cold (-27ºC and going down!). The mere thought of going outside is daunting so instead, I found a (relatively) clean spot on the living room window and decided to observe and photograph the visitors to one of our bird feeders and the suet cage.

Half a dozen Blue Jays frequent our yard and on this cold day they look like chubby little balls, their feathers fluffed out to keep them warm as they grab sunflower seeds and then fly away to chow down.

I’m not a true ‘birder’ but I think this is some kind of sparrow. He and his friends hop around pecking at the sunflower seeds too, as well as the smaller seeds in another feeder. On this cold day, they’re all looking for calories to keep them warm.

Out on the bushes there are two Blue Jays waiting for my husband do deliver the suet cage!

A sparrow found it first (if you can spot him).

And while the Blue Jays were distracted by the suet, he flew over to the feeder to gather some sunflower seeds!

An hour ago that bottle was full of seeds – they’re voracious!

So, what is life’s greatest lesson? Be a child. Find that sense of awe and wonder at everything around you and you’ll never be lonely or sad, and you’ll never be bored.

2 thoughts on “Life’s Lesson – be a child

  1. What a beautiful shade of blue.


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