Reading, reading and more reading

We are in the midst of winter and the desire to be outside freezing and damp is non-existent. And so, I read. I’ll read almost anything. Biographies, mysteries, how-to books – no book is to big or small not to be read.

That said, however, I confess that my favourite reading for diversion lies in mysteries and fantasy tales. I was a huge fan of #DianaGabaldon’s writing long before there was a TV series that increased her fame (and presumably fortunes). The Outlander series, beginning with a tome of the same name, is a semi-historical, semi-science fiction romance story about a time traveling nurse and her life in another time. I just finished the ninth and latest book in the series, “Go Tell it to the Bees that I am gone” and it’s become my favourite of them all. The talented author shows us what life was like in the late 1700s in the USA for settlers in the wilderness. Her descriptions of homely things, like meal preparation, gardening, sewing and so on takes you there.

When that book (sadly, after almost 1000 pages) came to an end, I plunged into a modern murder mystery for a complete change of pace.

What’s next? Perhaps I’ll finally finish my own book, a memoir, get it published and toss it out into the world to be read by you?

3 thoughts on “Reading, reading and more reading

  1. I got a lovely surprise! Yesterday necessitated a trip to the bank and while waiting in the carefully spaced short lineup, my eyes perused the table of used books on sale as a fund raiser. Dozens of times I have done this and never seen anything of interest. This day was different, because suddenly an author’s name jumped out at me. One of my favourite authors is Barbara Kingsolver, and I was shocked to see , right there for my taking, a novel I had somehow missed out on. So for a small donation I headed home with “ Unsheltered” tucked under my arm, and the whole long, dreary day took on a rosy glow!


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