Favourite Photo?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt was to talk about the photograph that I’ve taken that is my favourite. Really? IMPOSSIBLE!

Some photos have tremendous sentimental value and for that reason alone can be labeled “favourite”.

My son and my dad napping in the kitchen

Others are reminders of unique experiences.

In 2013 I spent time in Brazil on an equine photography expedition. For this shot I was standing in the midst of a herd of mares that trotted down the hill and parted to move around me while I stood in awe – at first I forgot to take any photos and then I realized what I needed to do.

Good times with great people, who’ve since become good friends, during a writing retreat in Ireland when we could still travel 2017.

Horse face close-up

Sometimes photos are both emotional and artistic. Beau crossed the rainbow bridge several years ago, but he was a true ‘heart horse’.

Can I choose a favourite photo? Of the thousands on my computer and a mountain of hard drives, the short answer is NO. Every photo means something – whether it’s one I’ve taken for myself, a snapshot or an image I’ve created for someone else.

My professional slogan was “capturing your cherished memories” and I believe every photo – whether personally or professionally created – tells a story that means something to someone!

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