Another storm day – blech

For the third week-end in a row we are ‘enjoying’ (not) a snowstorm here in Maritime Canada. In our immediate area we’re getting wind and a small mountain of snow. In our neighbouring province of NS they’re getting a lot of freezing rain. No matter how you cut it, it’s a dreadful day to be out and about.

The birds have hunkered down in the bushes on the far side of our yard. The cat and dog are showing no interest in anything other than food and sleep. They’re not foolish!

We live on a corner lot. Every time there’s a storm a huge plow comes up the road beside our place, turns right onto our road, and dumps a small mountain of snow and 100 pound chunks of hard packed snow/ice right in the end of our driveway. He doesn’t do it on purpose – it’s a law of physics.

But today, a wonderful thing happened. After dumping the usual load in the driveway, he turned around and proceeded to scoop the worst of it out of the way making it possible for hubby to actually clear the driveway somewhat.

The storm will not be abating until tomorrow and both the plow driver and hubby will no doubt be repeating their ‘dance’ a few more times before it’s all over. Such is winter in the Merry Times.

Dedicated doggy dad even clears a spot out in the yard so Harley can relieve himself without having to get onto the road. What a good guy he is.

If you’re experiencing this weather, try and stay home if you can. Almost everything is closed anyway – schools, businesses have mostly opted to keep their employees and customers safe by either not opening at all or closing early.

Take care!

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