February is moving along

After our latest blizzard / rain / ice / cold period, the last couple of days have been quite pleasant. Respite from the worst winter has to offer.

Today it’s a balmy +4ºC in the sunshine, although it feels a bit nippier when the wind hits you.

I spent part of the morning listening to an audio file that a cousin sent me a couple of weeks ago. It’s a recording of my father and hers, recorded in 1989, reminiscing about their youth in Albert County and catching up on the news about some of their friends at that point in time. Both men have long since died, but it was a treat to hear their voices again. I learned some new things about my Dad and my Uncle through that tape and, although it was sometimes emotional, it was also comforting.

Took a walk down Mulberry Lane just before noon and caught my neighbour’s horse sunning herself under a tree.

Mulberry Lane cuts between two large, open hay fields so when there’s even a slight breeze, since the road is the high spot, you definitely feel it.

Local snowmobile enthusiasts have a great trail that goes for miles. It cuts through three of the big fields and off into the distance. This year they’ve had lots of snow to ride on. They, and skiers, are among those who enjoy winter. Personally, I prefer a good book, some hot chocolate, a blanket and a comfy spot by the fireplace.

When I got home from my walk (and I did enjoy the sun on my face and some fresh air, I must admit), I found these hungry souls munching sunflower seeds on the rim of the feeder.

I didn’t know what they were until a friend posted a photo of one from his back yard. Apparently they are American Goldfinches. See, one should learn something new every day.

Enjoy this respite as it looks like more cold weather coming mid-week!

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