Lonely goose

For the past two days, Harley and I took walks down Mulberry Lane to see what Mother Nature is up to now that spring is here. We happened upon a pair of geese who seemed to be resting, or perhaps nesting, in our neighbour’s field.

Pair of geese and supervising crow.

On both occasions the two of them could be seen sitting or walking around a small area near a slough (wet spot) in the field. I only had my phone with me to grab a shot of the two of them, and the resident crow who seemed to be supervising their forays around the area.

Today I left Harley home, and took my camera with me, intending to capture a closer and better image of the couple. Geese mate for life. I thought perhaps they’d built a nest nearby and I might see goslings later in the season. Imagine my disappointment when neither of them were there.

I left and drove down the road on the other side of the field where I spotted one goose. He (or she?) seemed to be walking in ever-larger circles calling out with each step – perhaps looking for its mate?

I stayed for a while, hoping the mate would appear but it never happened. The one, lonely goose kept calling and my heart broke for it.

‘Tis the season when many animals and birds have, or will, given birth to young ones. The local pack of coyotes have made themselves heard at night as they prowl the fields looking for game to nourish themselves and their young and I fear this goose’s mate may have become someone’s dinner. Although I know it’s the cycle of life and everyone has to eat, I rather hope that isn’t the case.

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