Everyday items

Sometimes I get the urge to make some new photographs – but no urge to be outside while it’s “snaining” – you know, that half rain – half snow precipitation that chills to the bone, right?

So, I began exploring common items from my kitchen, armed with a macro lens.

Some of the things in the photos may be obvious to the observant viewer – a couple perhaps less so. See how many out of the twelve you can guess?


And the answers are:

  1. Tea Towel
  2. Tea Towel through the holes in a serving spoon
  3. Blades on a Pastry Blender
  4. 4. Tines on a Whisk
  5. End of a Whisk
  6. Measuring Spoons
  7. Pattern on a piece of pottery
  8. Stained Glass Hot Air Balloon window ornament
  9. Tea Strainer
  10. Well used Wooden Spoon
  11. Slicing Slot on a grater
  12. Gears on a mechanical bottle opener

How many did you guess?

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