May – the sun shines brightly – at last

After seemingly endless weeks of rain, wind and winter-like cold that passed for spring in April, today the sun broke through. It’s still very nippy out there, but the wind isn’t as strong and it’s not quite as cold. Thankfully, there’s no rain!

When I left the house the first thing I saw in our neighbour’s field was this raptor of some sort munching away on whatever it had killed. I couldn’t get close enough, thanks to the water-filled ditch, so I’m not sure if this is an immature eagle or some other bird. He didn’t seem to care about my presence, though.

Juxtaposed nature and technology

Down behind the now-defunct potash mine in Penobsquis I came across a few geese in a field just as they took flight against the background of the mine buildings.

Back home, the bushes along the edge of our lot are budding out – as are our roses and white lilac tree.

I took a similar jaunt a week ago and caught this shot of the full moon setting just prior to sunrise. I think it’s the first clear shot of the moon I’ve ever managed to capture.

While driving through Hampton on the way to meet a friend for coffee, I went down the back road and got a shot of the local Anglican Church. It was a day not unlike today – sunny but decidedly chilly.

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